It’s Here! Cotton + Steel

I have eagerly awaited the arrival of the first line of fabric from Cotton + Steel. I love the aesthetic of each of the women involved in this collective design effort. I also appreciate the way they have collaborated to create a female-driven design effort. The fabric collections from Cotton + Steel are fresh and contemporary. This is the kind of work that will keep sewing and quilting alive with a new generation of sewists.

In my eagerness to get in on the Cotton + Steel goodness while prints were still available, I joined the Pink Castle Fabrics Cotton + Steel Club. I will receive a package of assorted Cotton + Steel fat quarters in the mail each month. The package is curated and remixed from all of the Cotton + Steel collections and basics. For me, this was a great option. I wanted to get a wide selection of prints, and I mostly make small projects. This is the first time I have tried a monthly club and I’m excited to see how it goes. Will I keep up with the arrival of new fabric each month? Or will I tire out and simply shelve it with my stash? To be determined…

The first month of the club is August. This month’s package was not something I would normally choose for myself. I rarely sew with pinks, corals, or pastels. So although these fabrics were not my favorite color scheme, I found it to be a pleasant challenge. And I will finally have a reason to use up the pink zippers, notions, and trims that always sit unused in my sewing room.

My first project was the Nice & Neat Manicure Kit designed by Rashida Coleman Hale. I used one a Sarah Watts print from the August collection as the main fabric, with a mint coordinate and some Lizzy House pearl bracelet from my stash for binding.

This was a fun little project to make. I’d like to say that I did all of the corners rounded on purpose, but in reality I just didn’t read the tutorial thoroughly before I began and rounded all of the corners before I knew any better. 

This project was good practice in doing continuous binding. I have attempted it several times before and I usually screw it up at least once before finishing the project. (Sometimes I never get it right and just switch to a different method and call it quits.) I managed to do it right this time.


This was a fun little project. But I don’t really do manicures or use any manicure tools. So this will probably become a gift for someone, once I meet a friend who likes doing at-home manicures.

More to come from this month’s Cotton + Steel selections – and lots of it will be pink!