Glug Glug: Ginger Press Cocktail



There is nothing new under the sun. I remember being in a dramatic literature course back in high school and discussing how there are really only a few basic story plots (think man vs. nature, man vs. self, etc.). Although humans have been writing stories and plays for centuries, each tale can be broken down into the essential elements of those basic plots. It’s not a bad thing – it simply means that we take the existing structures available to us and build upon them with our own ideas and talents.

I think that lifestyle blogging can be like writing a story and trying to come up with a new plot: you can’t really do it. There are so many lifestyle bloggers out there doing creative things, and it is challenging to come up with something new. So you just have to be inventive with what you have, respect the work of others, and add your own ideas to the mix.


This cocktail is my version of someone else’s excellent idea. One of my favorite places to eat in southeast Wisconsin is Cafe Sourette, a farm-to-table concept restaurant in West Bend. Every time I eat at Cafe Sourette, I order the ginger press cocktail. It has this wonderful, bright flavor. The spicy tang of ginger wakes me up every time. After craving the cocktail numerous times and ruling out the possibility of driving an hour round trip just to have one of my favorite drinks, I decided to create my own approximation of the ginger press. It is so easy to whip up on a hot afternoon, and it makes me feel fancy. Especially with the paper straw.

IMG_0969Ginger Press Cocktail

2 oz. Domaine du Canton ginger liqueur

Lemonade (homemade is good, but I was lazy and used Simply Lemonade)


Lemon slices

Fill a tumbler with ice. Pour in 2 ounces of Domaine du Canton ginger liqueur. (I recommend wiping down the lip of the Domaine du Canton bottle after you have poured, because it is a syrupy liqueur and you will thank yourself later when you don’t have to strong-arm the cap off of the bottle next time you open it.) Top with lemonade. Garnish with lemon slices. Candied ginger would be a nice garnish too, if you have it on hand. Add a straw and sip in the sunshine.